Drive pipeline with precise tools targeting

Use rich, always-fresh data tooling to improve campaign segmentation, lead nurturing, and outbound email campaigns.

No credit card required

Know your target, instantly

Visum delivers complete, always-fresh contact, and tools used, so you’re prepared to reach the right people, make great first impressions, and nurture relationships throughout their lifecycle.

Powerful segmentation

Rich, real-time data to power your prospect and lead segmentation.

More qualitative segments
Increase conversion rate

Higher hit-rates on your outbound prospecting

Use fresh data tooling to personalize messages that break through the noise and connect with customers.

Increase your response rate
Create more opportunies

Nurture your leads with relevant content

Use relevant content in your nurtering sequence in line with the tools the lead use.

More retention
Increase lead scoring

GDPR compliant

The data searched does not come from a third party database and we do not save your searches.

Real time data calculation
All data are encrypted

Time saved and new opportunities !

Estimate how much time and money Visum can save you

It's so powerful that it's not even fair 🀯

⬇️ A video is worth than 1000 words ⬇️

Directly integrated into your CRM

Our great features ✨

Find contact's tooling

Fresh and reliable data

Calculated in real time the tools used

Quick result

Result in less than 10 seconds

Find company's information

Detect the tools used

Discover the most used tools within companies

Get all employees' data

Get LinkedIn, email, phone number

Single search

with email address or URL

Batch search

with .csv file


integrated into your workflows

You're in great company.

See what our clients say about us

Our Salesforce integration is a huge success. We use Visum to know who is using Salesforce among our prospects so we can prioritize them and increase our closing rate.

Marc Francis - CEO Captain data

Thanks to Visum, I've been able to sell more courses by going directly to the people most likely to be interested.

Kevin Dufraisse - BtoB Growth Trainer

Hyper-personalization of messages is our philosophy, Visum allows us to push our video content to the right people to grow our community.

Victor Linder - Founder Behind The Skills

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